My name is Rona Shaanan and I’m a product designer and entrepreneur based in Tel Aviv. I develop stories and ideas, translate information into visual content, and mediate between people, data and technology.

Sofash 2019


Creating a web platform that connects between content and scenes in movies and TV, providing the most relevant information for viewers in real-time. Who’s that actor? What are they talking about? What are they wearing? Where was the scene shot?


Data 61 / CSIRO 2017


Conducted user research in rural Australia and collaborated with farmers, scientists and engineers to create a farmer-friendly mobile app that delivers real-time farm analytics.

Case Study

Console 2016


Led the design team through the creation of an automated network platform that simplify business-to-business interconnection.

Case Study

NeXTDC 2014


Designed an infrastructure management tool that reduces the complexity of configuring a physical cross-connect, and provides remote access to facility property, and service management.

Case Study